Limited shooting from July 6th

After this interminable break archery GB had given permission for clubs to restart limited shooting again, and in line with their guidelines we at the club are hoping to restart on July 6th, we had to wait until the school gave permission after the term ends.

The limitations on shooting include:

  • Outdoors only.
  • One person per target.
  • 5 metres between bosses.
  • The 2 metre social distancing rules apply.
  • There will be no entry to the sports hall, toilets and drink making facilities.
  • Archers will be given a target face and pins which they are to remove and take home after use. This to reduce cross-contamination.
  • Also archers should refrain from handling anyone else’s equipment.

For further guidelines might I suggest reading the archery GB website. These limitations apart we hope that we can all get together and shoot some arrows again.

One strict rule that we ask archer to follow is that any one having symptoms of the virus refrain from attending for at least 14days until given the medical all clear.

We realise this may seem a bind, but with practise it may get easier and we are doing all we can to keep people safe.


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