Help for Heroes

help for heroes_2

Berwick Archers recently visited Kirknewton to take part in a joint charity shoot in support of Help for Heroes. Kirknewton was the second venue in Martin Mycock’s tour of 18 clubs. It was great fun, on a splendid evening and, as you can see, with a fine turnout. As it happens, and perhaps fittingly, Martin won the competition!

This is Martin’s report after completing his tour on 28 June:
The Archery Tour finished today. I completed the 18th shoot. There was a bit of rain for the one and only time during the shooting, but not on arrow was lost in the whole 3 weeks due to weather. That’s a miracle in itself if you ask me 🙂

The collections went as follows (not all clubs had collections, either because there were only a couple of people at the shoot or because they chose to donate online)

Week 1
Sherwood Archers – £150
York Archers – £265
Kirknewton Archers – £313
Green Lane Archers – £79.57
Bowmen of Pendle and Samlesbury – £81.67
Eccles Archery Club – £62.20

Week 2
Phoenix Archers (Leics) – £82.40
Holdens Archers – £60 donated online
Dover Castle Archers – £50
Clophill Archers – £66.01
TargetCraft Archers – £20.07
Derwent Bowmen – £87.00

Week 3
Fort Purbrook Company of Bowmen – £17.42
Malvern Archers – £75
Bowbrook Archers – 63.65
Bowmen of Lyme – £195

Once the last 3 collections have been paid in the total will stand at an incredible £2684. Thank you all for making this barmy idea work. You are all linked together now as the clubs that were part of the Archery for Heroes Tour. Keep in touch.